Route 5 bridge heading into Guilford, VT

Bridge is OPEN!!!

With the reconstructed US Route 5 bridge in Guilford open to travelers, this past week crews line striped Route 5 in the project area. This coming week you may see the crew conducting minor clean up as the project comes to a close. No travel alterations or delays are anticipated.


About the Bridge


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Vermont's Accelerated Bridge Program

By reducing the time it takes to construct a new bridge, the Vermont Agency of Transportation has been able to save money spent on design, utility and Right-of-Way impacts and road closures. It also minimizes disruption to travelers and commerce.

The Accelerated Bridge Program encourages early and continued public engagement, streamlining design and plan preparation while exploring innovative contracting and construction techniques.

The US Route 5 Bridge over Broad Brook in the Village of Algiers, Guilford, will be replaced by the Vermont Agency of Transportation in 2017.

Built in 1925, the 53-foot single-span concrete bridge is in deteriorated condition and does not meet current design standards. An engineering study completed in 2013 recommended full replacement, using Accelerated Bridge Construction methods, which will result in a 4-week closure (July 10-August 6) during the summer of 2017.

The new bridge will be nine feet wider and about 30 feet longer. Route 5 will be re-aligned on the south side and its opening to Broad Brook widened to improve hydraulics.