Frequently Asked Questions

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has fielded many questions and comments from the public about the replacement of the US Route 5 bridge in Guilford.

Why did VTrans decide to close the bridge rather than install a temporary bridge?

VTrans considers many factors when deciding to close a bridge and not have a temporary bridge during construction. A decision is made based on the length of closure, volume of traffic, length of the detour, safety, cost and physical constraints of the site such road geometry, intersecting roads, adjacent buildings, available Right-of-Way, etc.

How long will the bridge be closed?

Four weeks – July 10 – August 6. It will take three weeks to build to the superstructure. The bridge will be closed one more week to build and cure the concrete bridge rail, approach rail, and install the bridge membrane and pavement.

How can you be sure the anticipated project schedule will be met?

Contractors are given incentives to complete a job ahead of schedule and financial penalties if they are late. If VTrans were given a grade for on-time delivery of Accelerated Bridge Projects with bridge closures, it would be an A+.

How will the school buses get students to school if the bridge is closed?

The bridge closure will occur during the summer when the school is not in session.

How will the bridge closure affect fire services?

VTrans recognizes that fire service is very important and has developed a plan in collaboration with the Guilford Fire Department and with permission from the Federal Highway Administration to use the emergency access ramp from I-91 just south of the Village of Algiers so that equipment and fire personnel can provide efficient access to the area of town south of the bridge. This ramp will only be open to respond to emergencies and will be closed at all other times. Please see "Maps" in the Document Library.

How will fire personnel who live south of the bridge get to the fire station which is located north of the bridge for an emergency call?

The contractor will provide a footbridge across Broad Brook for use by fire personnel only for emergencies.

How will people get mail from the mailboxes located on Grist Mill Road?

VTrans is coordinating with the Brattleboro Post Office to move these mailboxes so that residents south of the bridge can get their mail. The temporary location will be along the I-91 emergency access ramp, located on Route 5 just south of Algiers Village.

Will there be a local bypass detour?

Yes, the Towns of Guilford, Vernon and Brattleboro have developed a local, non-truck detour route. Towns will be responsible for placing signs on local roads. The State detour for this project will be I-91. Please see "Maps" in the Document Library.

Who is the contractor that will build the bridge?

Renaud Bros of Vernon were selected to construct the bridge. Many parts of the bridge have been fabricated locally at the contractor’s shop on Route 142 in Vernon.